Together with the community around the institute of DARB1718 in Cairo, Bureau Detours initiated a workshop creating urban furniture from leftover-materials from the city such as; wood, textile and plastic. The furniture will be used in public space in the area around

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Koffiedikradio started as an academy radio station, continued broadcasting during different happenings and on different venues. Above, DDW ’12. Reporter for Emma Radio, Academic Radio. Koffiedik Radio Logo by Merel Witteman

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For an Amsterdam Festival called 24 Uur van Henk created in 2012. This tunnel is a time machine, it takes visitors trough certain times, including wind, 3D video and soundtrip. Collaboration with Merel Witteman.

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For Magneet Festival we created an underground analog phone connection. At several telephonepoints at the festival area people could talk trough the tubes to connect to other telephone poins. Also visitors could listen to stories recorded and played in tubes.

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This bath was build for Drijfveer Festival, May 2010. Visitors were provide a warm bath 100 meters from the coast. The water within the bath was fired with a stainless steel heater. Collaboration with Jesse Hoeksema and Titus Wybenga.

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