Albeda lab

Research, design and implementation around experimental future class rooms in secondary vocational education.

Sketch proposal for future classrooms

Together with service-design bureau Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, I have been investigating for the Albeda College what the ‘Learning Environment of the Future’ looks like. We are introducing an innovation culture for the launch of a successful innovation environment.

Technology offers many new possibilities for contemporary learning. Many schools are currently looking for the opportunities that, for example, 3D printers and VR glasses can offer for their education. In a large-scale learning landscape like Albeda, this leads to a large number of small experiments that take place separately. With the Innovation Lab, Albeda wants to bring the existing knowledge together in one place. We worked troughout this project in different fases.

Fase 1: research on location

The question that fits with changing vocational education: “How do we learn a profession nowadays?” We brought this question back to the essence: how is teaching and learning done?

Fase 2: design method

We developed a custom-made design thinking method for the educational system of the Albeda.

Fase 3: experiment

From the design thinking method and the experiments we extruded and build several real life interventions.

Fase 4: design, build and test

The research gave us insights and handles to develop and design a blue print for the future classroom. We build a prototype of this classroom to test it on different locations. The learnings from these interventions were conclude in a final design for the future classes and an mobile lab for innovation in eduction.

Fase 5: future

Project with Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken.